Zapari thrilled to welcome residents to Molonglo Falls
The completion of Molonglo Falls marks a revolutionary way of apartment living in the Molonglo Valley.

The development of Molonglo Falls on John Gorton Drive has been an extraordinary project to witness over the past two years. Welcoming progressive cross-collaborations of industry experts, Zapari has redefined the property market with these 129 exciting, prestigious, and future-proof homes.

The Molonglo appeal is no secret, with the Valley excelling as the fastest growing region in Canberra for good reason. Capitalising off this opportunistic market, Zapari approached the project with a vision to “bring vibrancy and luxury to Coombs” and delivered a building which is undoubtably the region’s most architecturally stunning (Nathan Ross, Zapari General Manager Developments).

The attractive investment opportunity did not go unnoticed as sales of the 1- ,2- and 3-bedroom apartments set a sales record after a mere 12 hours on the market, purchased by individuals, couples and families looking for a comfortably luxurious home that radiates sophistication and modernity.

“When conceptualising Molonglo Falls, our aim was to deviate from the regimented and uniform design of buildings in the surrounding area. We used biophilic design principles and strove to create a building that mimicked nature. The building’s form with its soft exterior was crafted to harmonise with the region’s natural surroundings”, explains Ronan Moss, Director of Cox Architecture.

Settlements commenced in early February, marking the completion this long-awaited and highly anticipated project and Zapari were elated to welcome residents.

Bianca and Dominic were the first purchasers to settle on their property, they explain their experience “We happened to stumble across the Molonglo Falls development through an ad we saw on Facebook. We fell in love with the units offering ample shared amenities, cross flow ventilation and attractive layouts and colour schemes. It was refreshingly different to any other complex we had come across whilst searching for a new home... Now two years later, we’re all settled in and are enjoying watching the sun set over black mountain, entertaining our family and friends, and looking forward to trying out the communal spas and facilities. Thank you very much for developing a complex we’re so proud to call our home.”

The success of Molonglo Falls establishes Zapari as a front-runner in the competitive world of innovative developments and high-quality design, excelling Zapari’s pursuit of Canberra’s invigoration through remarkable and revolutionary projects.