5 Minutes With Architect of Molonglo Falls, Ronan Moss
In a community that has stuck to the status quo, Molonglo Falls has set a new benchmark for quality design in the Molonglo Valley.

As this ambitious apartment project continues to come to fruition in the key position of John Gorton Drive, we took five minutes to speak to Cox Architecture’s Ronan Moss about how he and his team developed the beautiful concept in their latest partnership with Zapari.

Highlighting Molonglo Valley’s central Canberra location, near Mt Stromlo and popular surrounding hills, Ronan said he and the Cox team were determined to contribute to the Coombs and Wright community with a design statement.

“Typically, architecture will become a wall to nature. In terms of Molonglo Falls, it has a Biophilic design, which means it is responding to the natural environment, in particular to the Mt Stromlo region. It is the only building that’s organic in nature in the Molonglo Valley today.

“We started with the idea of the plant, and we started to develop a concept that breathes with the central atrium and is connected to the elements – air, earth, water and light. Those elements are all being experienced and felt in this building.”

“What’s beautiful about the apartments is that we’ve designed them so that they predominately face the sun, so most of them get three or four hours of sunlight.”